Himalayan hair care centre was established in April 16, 2002 officially. The centre has been providing service for 12 years. But I, Gyanendra Bir Shrestha (the owner of the centre), have started and have been engaged in this work and profession 28 years before. I have studied different ancient ayurvedic books and different herbs and their uses. After 28 years of researches and hard work, I have been capable of making medicines and hair tonic.

“Shree Satya Sai Hair Tonic” is made based on ancient ayurvedic books about hair problems and their solutions. It is more effective and safer than any other chemical based formulas and treatments. Understanding the importance and need of “Shree Satya Sai Hair Tonic”, I look forward to you to contact Himalayan Hair Care Centre. I can guarantee that you will happy and get the desire result from this product.

I request people suffering from hair problems to visit or contact “Himalayan hair care centre” and ME.

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Contact Us
Himalayan Hair Care Centre
Address: Bhotahity, Opposite Lalitkala Campus
Phone: 5329663
Mobile: 9851031560
Email: kabiraj222@hotmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HimalayanHairCareCentre