After the hardworking of 28 years, this centre has been able to find out the perfect solution for hair fall problems and new hair growth by herbal process. The herbs which are used in process of making “Shree Satya Sai Hair Tonic” are not easily available in market. So, we have searched and collected these herbs by our own means, determination and hard work. As its ingredients are rare and exclusive, we haven’t distributed the hair tonic in other retails shops.

This hair tonic is totally different from any other hair oils and hair treatments found in the market. This hair tonic has proven to be more effective and one can see the result within short period of time. Regular users of this hair tonic have claimed that they can see and feel the result within 6 to 10 days of its uses. Users can see their hair problems being solved and their condition being better. They have recommended this hair tonic to their family and friends.

Method to apply the oil:

  • Before going to bed, apply the tonic on the root of hair so that whole scalps gets wet
  • Apply the tonic again and again in same way for half an hour and then comb the hair
  • After 15-20 minutes the medicated hair becomes dry and stiff. Leave the hair as it is and sleep as usual
  • Next morning, wash the hair with some herbal shampoo or soap
  • If possible apply medicine on the washed hair after 1 hour of washing. If not, you can apply the tonic before going to bed as in the same manner as described above
  • The more regular you are in applying the tonic, the more effective will be the treatment
  • The consequence can be seen within few weeks if applied daily

This treatment is effective for any hair fall and any hair diseases. Depending upon the condition of the hair, the tonic should be applied for 3 months to 6 months in order to get desired result. After applying the tonic regularly, the roots of the hair becomes stronger and the quality of the hair making it thick and weighty.

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